An Answer to Our Prayers

We finally received an answer about our request to conduct a survey at a local elementary school. It was not exactly the answer that we had hoped for; as their central office was, “…not too thrilled with the idea”. But the principal is going to request again for us. But, even the given answer does […]

Well guess who is still trying to learn more about patience. That’s right, I am … I did manage to hear from our young teacher, who kept me abreast of their progress; nevertheless, we are still waiting to hear from the central office about whether or not our nonprofit might enter into a particular school. […]

Patience is a Virtue …

Lately, I have had to try to practice patience in an area of my life. Patience in waiting for an answer to an email that was sent about two weeks ago come this weekend. My vigil will end soon as I will contact a member of our small group to find out more information about […]

I would like our followers to have a look at this NonProfit organizations Facebook page. The International Child Art Foundation puts together a marvelous program every four years down on the Washington Mall. Thanks for having a look at this program for me. Registration opens today for the 2016 ICAF Summer Camp that takes place […]

Ok, ok, don’t faint yet. I know its February 2016. Yes, I am writing a posting tonight. As inconceivable as that might be for most of you that are following my literary habits. I am following through on creating another article for this month. Its been a whirlwind time since I last wrote. I have […]